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Journal Entry: Sun Feb 12, 2017, 1:58 PM
I finally have the time to do this XD. Damn Uni work XC.

Tagged by :iconnoah-x3:

OC chosen: Ecila Enigma



1. Post these rules.

2. Post 8 facts about your character.

3. Tag 8 other characters.

4. Post their names along with their creators' avatars.

Fact 1:

Ecila Enigma is usually referred to by her last name 'Enigma' more than Ecila.

Fact 2:

Ecila's planning and organising skills are very lackluster, her 'planning' involves just doing things out on a whim. Even if she were to plan something for a later date the likeliness that she'll forget about it entirely on the said date is very likely.

Fact 3:
Ecila is very well known for her calm & mellow nature, while it is a trait of herself she's proud of, it does cause some problems. For one it makes her somewhat emotionally detached in a way, there have been various times when she perhaps looks at some art content that's perhaps very adorable to her. Yet no matter how hard she tries, unless it's her first viewing of said cute thing, she can't bring out the positive emotional reaction to it such as making her heart swell or something or wanting to squee. Which is frustrating for her, she wants to feel such emotional reactions as it means she's really invested in whatever content she's looking at.

Fact 4:
Another thing that displays her poor planning skills is that it is a bit rare for Ecila to arrive to something on time. She's not the most punctual one, which is ironic really she's fairly hasty and always runs to get to places no matter how short the distance is, yet she's often still late.

Fact 5:
Ecila is a pony who likes to travel a lot, yet during those travels she takes breaks on those travels quite often.

Fact 6:
Ecila absolutely hates waiting with a passion, when forced to wait she'll most likely be seen with a snack or generally just anything that'll help her pass the time, even if she just needs to wait for 5 minutes.

Fact 7:
Ecila unlike lots of others doesn't hate Winter, she's perfectly fine with Winter especially since it means wasps will be gone for a few months that way. It's not her favourite season though, her favourite is Spring.

Fact 8:
Ecila for now is a full time student in a University in Canterlot living in her own home. She loves the space.


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